• Meet the Kayak Landing

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Spend less time at the dock.

See how easy life can be with the Kayak Landing

Smart Design

Simple and straightforward.  Even our kids could figure it out...

I love my KayakLanding

I've had my welded square kayak landing for two years. I had stopped kayaking because I struggled to get in and out without falling in the lake. Now I can safely and easily kayak anytime I want.


I can launch by myself!

I can launch by myself! I love the Kayak Landing! For years, getting in and out of my boat has been an acrobatic feat. Now, I simplly float the kayak into position, and step into it. Exiting is just as easy. Setting it up in the spring and taking it out in the fall is not difficult, either. I love it!


Stops my fall

I was amazed at just how secure the kayak was underfoot. Previously, I've fallen into the water trying to get in my kayak and this unit completely changed how comfortable I am loading up and getting out of the kayak.


Quality Parts

Patent-Pending Design

Kayak Landing is Patent-Pending

We are proud holder Patent Pending 29-747,193.  Designed and manufactured in the USA.